Heard in Europe

Not every European Commissioner spends their days jet-setting in the lap of luxury – there is one, believe it or not, who is prepared to rough it with the riff-raff.

Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella this week snubbed the sleek comfort of the private jumbos favoured by Juncker and instead plumped for Ryanair – the Greyhound bus of the skies.

Man-of-the-people Vella was spotted twice on the budget airline, flying between Brussels and Bratislava and back again.

Heard in Europe secured the astonishing and refreshing evidence that not every Commissioner has his nose buried in the trough of perks provided by the public purse [see main pic].

In the interest of balance, we should point out the parsimonious Maltese was in the slightly posher seats at the front.

And we heard rumours his official car dropped him off and picked him up from the tarmac by the side of the plane.

But even so – kudos to Karmenu for sparing the European taxpayer some much needed cash.

Photo courtesy of James Crisp.

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