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Bulgarians now drink more beer than the British, in the latest setback for a country still reeling from its decision to leave the European Union.

According to the Bulgarian Brewers’ Union, the average Bulgarian, children and the elderly included, drinks 73.5 litres of beer per year. The research was published on the 135th anniversary of the introduction of beer manufacturing in Bulgaria, after the country recovered its freedom from the Ottoman Empire.

This means that Bulgarians have overtaken the British – front page news in the Standart newspaper – and are neck-a-neck with the Belgians and the Dutch.

However, the three nations are still far away from the Czechs, the beer champions, who drink 144 litres per year, or the Germans, who are ranked second, at 107 litres.

A lot of the beer marketed in Bulgaria is sold in plastic bottles of two and 2.5 litres and most supermarkets sell the beer cooled so it can be consumed immediately.

Beer in Bulgaria is cheap, a 2,5 litre bottle costs a little over one €1 in supermarkets, and a beer served in a terrace café costs between 50 cents and €1. Bulgarian men drink beer 12 times in a month, and women five times, the research says.

Cheap beer and other alcoholic drinks has been an attraction for British tourists, often youngsters, who often can be seen drunk at Black Sea resorts.

But it’s rare to see drunken Bulgarians. This is because the nation doesn’t drink to get drunk, but just to feel better.

“What do you expect from a nation who drinks beer to get drunk?”, the Bulgarians say about the British.

It’s true. The Bulgarians drink beer to get sober. Is there anything better than a beer early in the morning, to fight a hangover from the much stronger stuff, such as rakia, vodka, whisky or ouzo?

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