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Britain’s incoming Prime Minister, Theresa May, has called for a general election… to be held in 2007.

Back then, Gordon Brown had just taken the reins of power from Tony Blair. Many in the UK believed that a general election should have been called, as Brown had “no democratic mandate” to lead the country.

One of those people was none other than Theresa herself.

But strangely, now May finds herself in almost the same situation as Brown, she seems considerably less enthusiastic about the prospect of a snap election.

So tell us, Theresa, what exactly has changed in the last nine years?

May, who saw off competition from Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom to succeed David Cameron, took to the Conservative Party’s official blog in 2007 to demand that Brown call a general election.

In the intro to her blog, May also spoke of having seen “our fair share of mad political stories” during the summer of 2007.

Seems familiar? Perhaps she really does have a crystal ball after all…

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