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One angry European is trying to get MEPs to take a stand against their British colleagues who support the UK leaving the European Union.

An online petition was set up asking MEPs to walk out during the European Parliament’s plenary session next week (4-7 July) whenever a British MEP “who does not support Europe” takes the floor to speak.

A Brussels resident named Abigail Jones set up the petition, which has attracted 132 signatures so far.

“This is the time for all Europeans who believe that being ‘in Europe’ is better than being ‘out’ to ask their MEPs to give us a voice. It is a time to show that Europe can speak with one voice and support those in the UK who voted to REMAIN.

“This is the time for our MEPs to show they are listening and can act in our name,” Jones wrote on the petition page.

The petition will be published on the Parliament’s website soon, Jones wrote.

British MEPs from Nigel Farage’s EFDD group and some from the Conservative ECR supported the campaign to leave the EU.

Supporters from around Europe signed the page to signal their approval of the petition, with most coming from Brussels.

Embattled Juncker spars with gleeful Farage in EU Parliament

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