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A leading European People’s Party MEP has branded efforts to boost the EU’s 2030 energy efficiency target “a growth killer”, and urged his fellow European Parliament members to vote down efforts to boost the goal to 40%.

Markus Pieper, the German rapporteur on the Own-Initiative Report on the Implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive, sent an email yesterday (22 June) to fellow members of the European People’s Party, the largest group in the Parliament.

MEPs in the ITRE Committee have already backed the 40% efficiency obligation; the latest in a string of votes backed the idea.

The European Commission has called for an increase of just 27% but supporters argue that the success of the Paris Agreement on climate change demands a higher target.

Pieper (CDU) wrote in an email seen by Heard in Europe, “Unfortunately we have lost the vote in the ITRE Committee against a 40% energy saving obligation.

“Please contribute that this growth killer will not become reality,” he adds before telling MEPs to vote against the whole report if an article increasing the target to 40% and making it binding are passed.

A European Commission communication on energy efficiency states that GDP has risen while energy consumption has dropped.

Energy efficiency renovation in buildings is also seen as a growth driver, bringing local jobs and kick-starting the economy.

STOP PRESS: MEPs voted 316 vs 241 for a binding 40% target.

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