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If there’s one thing the Brexit debate has so far lacked – and the internet certainly doesn’t – it’s kittens.

Cute kittens.

Now cats across the continent are joining paws for the cause.

Worried they may soon be kennelled up and repatriated to the Moggy-land if UK cat-owners vote the wrong way, worried felines in Brussels and beyond have formed “Pussies4EU”.

Human spokeswoman for the Pussy army, Laura Shields of Brits Abroad: Yes to Europe, told EurActiv.com “We are demanding freedom of miaow-ment across Europe for our beloved cats.

“There’s not enough fun in this campaign – it needs something a bit silly and a bit of fun.

“More seriously, there’s up to two million expats across the EU – many of whom have been disenfranchised [due to the 15-year rule], many of whom don’t realise they are entitled to vote, and the deadline for registration is 16 May.”

One feline source – purring on condition of anonymity as they were not authorised to speak to the press – suggested Pussies4EU may even have a moggie on the inside.

“Remember Larry, the Downing Street cat? Enough said…”

Photo courtesy of Brits Abroad: Yes to Europe

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