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Brexit supporters have upped the ante with the new smash sleeper hit of the referendum season. Britain’s Coming Home, a spoof on the classic soccer anthem Football’s Coming Home, has immediately put pressure on ‘Bremain’ backers to come up with an equally danceable tune.

UKIPer Mandy Boylett created the video and is one of the “singers” in what the, ahem, English Rose, called an “Abba style parody”.

We’re not sure that Mandy and her pal are likely to emulate the Swedish superstars, who scooped the 1974 Eurovision prize.

The original song, a hymn to England’s repeated failure to win anything, became a terrace favourite with footy fans during the Euro 96 tournament.


Stand-out lyrics in the new version include “They want prisoners to vote/ They’ve taken all our fish and money through the years.

“There’s endless regulations, red tape/ It seems there’s no escape / Till the leave vote takes shape. LET’S GET OUT!”

Here’s the original:

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