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Jetsetting MEPs have flown to the US during the presidential primaries for a tour taking in Boston, the setting for hit sitcom Cheers!

But in stark contrast to the regulars of the eponymous bar that gave the much-loved comedy its title, nobody knew their names.

Three MEPs from the US Delegation in the European Parliament, David McAllister (German, EPP), Jeppe Kofod (Denmark, S&D) and Marietje Schaake (Dutch, ALDE) began the trip in New Hampshire during that state’s primary election, before heading to Boston and Washington DC.

Despite their long-haul trip of over 3,000 miles – and €1,100 a ticket in economy – the MEPs didn’t get any facetime with the candidates.

The closest they got were these Twitter photos yesterday (8 February) of Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz riling up crowds of supporters



“Obviously the candidates must be too busy to meet with some European politicians who might not be relevant to the campaigns,” one Parliament source said.

Which does raise the question – what exactly are they doing in the States?

It seems the three amigos will chat with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Barker about TTIP in Boston. But will anyone in Boston know the names of our globe-trotting MEPs?

The junket inspired the team here at Heard in Europe to pen and record a song, based on the their adventures:

Sometimes you want to go

Where nobody knows your name,

And they don’t know why you came;

You want to be a MEP,

Your flights to the US were free;

You want to be where nobody knows your name.

Here’s the original.

Photo courtesy of memegenerator.net.

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