Heard in Europe

So far, the National Front and other far-right parties have been alone in drawing direct links between immigration and terrorism. But times are changing: now even the Commission is joining in.

The DG Home website tries to explain the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (Amif), a €3 billion facility supposed to help tackle the refugee crisis. This rather poorly named “integration fund” also contains money for a “returns” programme.


If you happen to want to know more about how the EU is sending people back home, you might click on the word “return”. Or you might also want to know more about “illegal immigration”, a subject highlighted in the same text.

And here comes the surprise: in both cases you land on the Radicalisation Awareness Network page!HiE


This initiative from the same DG aims to fight terrorism and violent extremism. It has set up many education or even local police groups all over the EU. And obviously it has nothing to do with migration… unless you subscribe to a certain brand of far-right politics.

So what is happening at DG Home and Migration? Perhaps it’s overwork? Pehaps it’s a joke. Or maybe it’s something more sinister.

Picture courtesy of Flickr and the European Defence Agency. Published under a Creative Commons Licence.

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