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Here’s a Winter’s Tale – the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death is being commemorated around the globe, but it is not to be at the European Commission.

The former Barroso Commission would greedily claim as “European” any cultural icon they could – from Germany’s Gunther Grass to Italy’s World Cup-winning football team. But Juncker may believe such things are Much Ado About Nothing.

Perhaps in what is widely expected to be the year of the Brexit referendum, the executive has decided to keep a low profile on all things UK in the hope that’s All’s Well That Ends Well.

Measure for Measure, they may believe it’s not worth risking a Comedy of Errors. Parting, after all, is such sweet sorrow.

Or maybe Juncker and company prefer Greek tragedy to Elizabethan drama?

Picture courtesy of Flickr and tonynetone. Published under a Creative Commons licence.

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