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The extreme-right British National Party – which enjoyed its greatest success in the 2009 European Parliament elections – has been axed from the UK’s register of political parties after failing to pay a £25 (about ‎€33) fee .

The Electoral Commission removed the BNP from the register after it missed a deadline to confirm their registration details and pay the tiny charge.

BNP candidates can now not use the party’s name, description or emblems on the ballet paper at any elections.

Sadly, the racists can reapply but, fortunately, the party has fallen on hard times since its brief moment in the spotlight.

The BNP won more than 6% of the vote in 2009 but that plummeted to just over 1% in 2014. The party also lost the majority of its local council representatives.

Former leader Nick Griffin was elected as MEP for the North West England, a post he held until 2014.

Holocaust-denying Griffin got 132,094 votes, 8%, in 2009 but shed about 100,000 votes the next election. He was succeeded by UKIP’s Louise Bours.

After losing his seat, the BNP expelled Griffin, accusing him of trying to destabilise the party and of harassing party members.

It finished a terrible year for the ex-MEP, still occasionally spotted in the European Parliament with pal Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was declared bankrupt in 2014.

RIP BNP – you won’t be missed.

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