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A bank fraud scandal has led to a Czech being bounced out of the hard-left GUE/NGL group in the European Parliament.

Miloslav Ransdorf is a Czech communist MEP for Bohemia and Moravia. He denies trying to carry out an illegal €350 million transaction at a Swiss Bank.

Ransdorf was arrested with three Slovaks by Swiss police in early December. He is accused of trying to withdraw or transfer the case using faked documents.

“My conscience is clean, I did not do anything against the law,” he said at the time, adding he had never had an account at the bank.

Despite his protestations of innocence, Ransdorf suspended himself from GUE/NGL. On 22 December, the group accepted the suspension.

In 2013, Ransdorf was infamously filmed checking in for work in the Parliament at 6pm, and leaving five minutes later, solely to claim his daily allowance. He became aggressive when he realised he was being recorded.

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