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There’s been a lot of talk and acres of newsprint about the Brussels terror lockdown.

What, with a few notable exceptions, has not been noted is the huge financial hit that many bars in Brussels city centre took as punters stayed away this weekend.

Thankfully word has reached Heard in Europe that a group of intrepid hacks plan to venture into town this very evening and do their bit to put that wrong right.

They will patronise some of the finest drinking establishments in the centre, and down some of the finest Belgian beers to get the cash rolling back into honest landlords’ coffers.

This is exactly the kind of initiative we can get right behind. Nothing will wind up the ISIS scumbags more than having a good time.

So even if you aren’t heading out on Thursday – known as “little Friday” in Brussels – make sure you do your bit tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the first evening of the Brussels Christmas fair. What better opportunity – now that the threat level has dropped from level four (the highest) to three – could there be to start showing the terrorists that a great city is getting back to normal?

And if you do swing by the fair at the weekend, there’s every chance you will see this fabulous singing reindeer.

This is precisely the sort of brilliant fun thing ISIS probably hates – so enjoy it.

Photo by James Crisp

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