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The UK’s man at today’s European Council meeting (12 November) confided in reporters that it was vital that Brits voted to stay in the EU in the upcoming Brexit referendum.

“I believe it is essential for Europe that UK stays in but also for the UK itself to stay in the European Union,” Mark Rutte, the only British representative willing to talk to the press in Valletta, Malta, said.

Rutte – whose day job is Prime Minister of the Netherlands – was standing in for British PM David Cameron at the migration crisis summit.

Quizzed by the press, who reminded him he was speaking for Britain, Mark straightened his jacket and said he was pleased to be representing the UK.

“Can you imagine?,” he said, “After four wars between the UK and Netherlands!”

Certain members of the pack were heard to remark that interviewing Rutte was considerably more fun than talking to Cameron…

Photo of Nick Clegg, former deputy prime minister of the UK, and Mark Rutte, Britain’s summit representative, courtesy of Flickr/Cabinet Office. Published under a Creative Commons licence.

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