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Brace yourself – the European Union is OFFICIALLY sick and tired of the UK banging on about Brexit and has told the Brits to ‘get lost’.

Exclusive, independent research commissioned by Heard in Europe has revealed undeniable and shocking evidence that the EU wants the UK to, in the words of the Brits themselves, “do one”.

Exhausted with the endless Anglo-whinging about benefits, freedom of movement and the like, the bloc has risen with one voice and said….well, actually that’s not strictly true.

We didn’t commission exclusive research after PM David Cameron’s speech on EU reform at Chatham House earlier this week.

In fact, we just did one of those new polls you can do on Twitter.

But just look at the results of our mini-Brexit snap poll!

69% of 336 people (104 Twitteratti) are bored of the Brits blathering on. A mere 31% of them (104) think the EU should give the UK what they are after.

Okay – so this isn’t particularly scientific and it is open to abuse. But it’s the best we’ve got at the moment.

And in the bars and backrooms of Brussels, we’d bet there’s a bunch of blokes and blokettes bashing the Brits over this Brexit blarney.

So remember – you heard it here first! The Brexit backlash has begun!

Photo courtesy of Flickr/Lee Davy. Published under a Creative Commons licence.

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