Heard in Europe

Is this the single greatest tweet by an MEP ever? Heard in Europe says, absolutely and without question it is!

Our favourite Eurosceptic MEP Dan Hannan is an avid Twitterer, often opining on the follies of further EU integration.

But, to be frank, everybody is far more interested in how he managed to snag a selfie with Grumpy Cat.

Yes the Grumpy Cat, a truly international global star. That’s like meeting three Kim Kardashians at once!

Brainy Tory Dan is famous for his coruscating critiques of the EU. And he couldn’t resist getting a sly dig in at US presidential hopes Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in his terrific tweet.

The gauntlet has clearly been thrown down to the rest of Brussels’ MEPs. Can you beat this ladies and gentlemen?

Surely the pro-Europeans can’t let this challenge go unanswered. Come on Guy Verhofstadt, we want to see you with Boo the Dog.

Photo courtesy of Dan Hannan and Twitter.


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