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The leader of the Scottish Conservatives was in Brussels on Tuesday (22 September) to give a speech about the upcoming referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

Ruth Davidson made a strong business case for Britain to stay in a reformed bloc at the New Direction think tank.

She warned that her decision would be not an emotional one, as it had been in Scotland’s independence referendum, when she campaigned for her country to stay in the UK. Instead, it would be “made purely on a cost-benefit analysis”.

Fair enough, but that still left one burning question. What exactly did she make of the “Pig-gate” scandal currently engulfing British politics?


Ruth arrived in Brussels the day after it was alleged in an unauthorised biography – paid for by Tory donor Lord Ashcroft after he was snubbed for a top government job – that Prime Minister David Cameron put his private parts in the mouth of a dead pig during a university initiation ceremony.

What impact would these incredible revelations have on Tory support in Scotland (such as it is)?
The public has a right to know. So Heard in Europe asked the question. Here’s Ruth’s response – a stinging swipe at Lord Ashcroft.


Tomorrow Dave himself will be flying into Brussels for the emergency summit on migration.

Hopefully the other EU leaders will be able to keep a straight face….

they all know

Cameron photograph courtesy of Andy Carling and Twitter. Pig pic courtesy of Prof Bizarro and Flickr. Published under a Creative Commons licence.

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