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One surprising inconvenience caused by the furious farmers in Brussels today has been the Belgian riot police transforming the EurActiv offices into – well – a public convenience.

Battalions of armoured cut-short coppers spent the day traipsing through the newsroom to relieve themselves in the staff loos.

And before you ask – no, wee are not taking the piss!

Here’s the proof…


There was an endless stream of Robocops once the first two trickled through.

Well you know what they say about breaking the seal. And how much of the armour do you think they have to take off before they go?

OK – so it is not quite as dramatic as this astonishing video.

But let’s not get bogged down in details.

Some may criticise EurActiv for allowing the officers to commandeer the facilities.

But you’re not going to say no to a guy with a nightstick, gas mask and loaded gun are you?

Not unless you have sh*t for brains.


An officer on his way to the loo, meets a member of the team…

Main photo courtesy of author. Pic above courtesy of Freddie Martyn.

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  1. This is embarrassing for EurActiv to publish this. These people were charged with protecting public access and property (including yours) from militants with equipment and means they had never trained for (like charging bulls and burning straw bales. Calling them incontinent or saying you had no choice given their weapons is offensive. You have taken my blogs down for far less offensive positions. Is that the best you can do to cover this important issue? Seriously?

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