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Finland’s Finance Minister Alexander Stubb is a bully, according to Swedish MEP Marita Ulvskog (S&D).

Yesterday (14 July) Ulvskog took to Twitter to attack Stubb after the weekend’s negotiations for a third bailout for Greece. Stubb was about to block an agreement, saying that the Greek government’s proposals were “weak.”

On Twitter, Ulvskog wrote: “It was guys like Alexander Stubb who bullied my disabled sister in the school yard. The euro crisis has revealed (the true character of) politics and politicians.”

Shortly after, Ulvskog was attacked by both the Confederation of Swedish Enterprises and fellow Social Democrats, calling her comment “not suitable.”

“To compare Stubb’s action to such a mean case (as) the bullying of Ulvskog’s sister… I don’t think this is suitable for a politician, no matter which party you come from,” said political scientist Ulf Bjereld, according to SVT.

Following the criticism, Ulvskog appologised to Stubb.

“Okay, maybe this was a hard wording about Stubb. I don’t mind asking for forgiveness. But I will never keep quiet when the underdogs keep getting beaten up.”

Photograph courtesy of World Trade Organization/Flickr. Published under a Creative Commons licence.

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