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Great Britain is very much MEP Dan Hannan’s cup of tea – so much so that the Conservative Eurosceptic even owns a British Empire mug.

Emblazoned proudly across the dishwasher and microwave safe vessel is the stirring motto, “The British Empire Runs on Tea”. Indeed it does! Or should that be did?

Heard in Europe spotted the marvellous mug during a video Dan made about the upcoming Greece referendum.

hannan circle mug

But let’s be honest – we’ve all read enough about Greece for a while haven’t we? So let’s focus on what is really important – the TEA-riffic mug.

empire mug

The patriotic cup is doubtless filled with refreshing tea, rather than that filthy foreign muck “coffee”.

And a quick search on Google revealed that you can buy one on Amazon for just £6.57.

mug 2

Out of a feeling of duty to Queen and country, Heard in Europe has refused to convert that into euros.

But depending on how the possible Grexit plays out, it could eventually cost as much as €1,000!

In these troubled times of flip-flop politicians, it’s refreshing to see one so staunchly devoted to his principles that he upholds them every time he lifts a cuppa to his lips.

And we should stress we see nothing wrong with such displays of national pride.

Indeed, one reporter from EurActiv has been known to don Union Jack socks when UK Commissioner Jonathan Hill has a particularly important announcement.

STOP PRESS: Dan responded to us on Twitter!

You can watch the whole video on Greece below.

Photo courtesy of Dan Hannan and YouTube.

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