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Europeans are not active enough. Most are in fact couch potatoes. Researchers say this affects the European economy negatively (surprise!). People are less productive at work, they have more sick days, they risk getting diseases that need expensive treatment, etc.

But thank God for Commission Vice-President Kristalina Georgieva who is also in charge of the Budget and Human Resources. She has seen the light!

Georgieva has just launched an initiative internally in the Commission to get the Eurocrats working there out of their chairs more often. It even has a name: Fit at Work!

The Eurocrats are losing the extra pounds and becoming fitter than ever, just as you read this blog post.

“It’s because we are sitting in front of our desks for I don’t know how many hours per day,” one of the Eurocrats affected by the initiative told Heard in Europe.

Let’s face it: Georgieva doesn’t get to travel much compared with other Commissioners so she knows what bad shape the Eurocrats really are in and she’s obviously not afraid to say it out loud. But since Georgieva is such a sweet person, Heard in Europe is certain she put it in a nice way.

Georgieva is making sure the EU’s Eurocrats are fit to meet their heavy workloads and won’t get depressed in the meantime. The perfect Budget and Human Resources Vice-President!

Photograph courtesy of the European Parliament. Published under a Creative Commons Licence.

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