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Perhaps the excitement of forming a far-right group in the European Parliament has gone to Geert Wilders’ head.

Why? The Dutch Draco Malfoy has been throwing his weight around the hallowed halls of the cradle of European democracy.

The leader of the Party for Freedom was even spotted using the a Parliament entrance reserved for deputies. But Geert isn’t an MEP!

Shocked MEP Dita Charanzová was creeped out when she eyed Geert strutting down the blue VIP carpet, which Heard in Europe has nicknamed the “MEPs’ catwalk”.

Heard in Europe called the Parliament to find out what measures might be taken against interlopers on the exclusive entryway.

The exclusive VIP carpet at Parliament
The exclusive VIP carpet at Parliament

But we were told all the spokespeople were in meetings that would take up the whole morning.

Such a shocking disregard for protocol deserves ruthless exposure and we demand swift and merciless action.

Sneaky Wilders won a seat in the European Parliament last year but was barred from taking it up since he was already an MP in the Netherlands.

But Brussels clearly hasn’t seen the last of the striking blonde.

Wilders was here this week to paint the town red with his pal Marine Le Pen. The pair sipped bubbly after announcing the new union between their parties in the European Parliament.

If any of our loyal army of readers spot similar disregard for parliamentary etiquette, let us know and we will ruthlessly expose the wrong-doers.

Just email heardineurope@euractiv.com.

Photos courtesy of the European Parliament, Wikimedia and Flickr. Published under Creative Commons licence.

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