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There are moments in life that deserve to be captured on video – Claude Turmes MEP rapping about renewables and energy efficiency is one of them.

Reader, feast your eyes, and, to a slightly lesser extent, your ears on this video captured at the opening conference of the EU’s Sustainable Energy Week.

Yes there is, MC Krazy Klaude rocking the mike and getting perhaps the best response from any Brussels panel audience ever.

I mean who has ever seen baseball caps thrown in the air at a panel debate?

Hats off to the “rapporteur” Claude and speaking of hats – take a look at this.

Yes it’s Dominique “Hip-Hop” Ristori, the European Union’s top civil servant for energy, wearing a baseball cap back to front. And doesn’t he look fly?

Well, these wonderful images are all thanks to an action organised by the Coalition for Energy Savings and its members, many of the renewables associations, NGOs such as CAN Europe, WWF, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and the European Environmental Bureau.

The campaigners handed out baseball caps to urge policymakers not to “cap” the potential of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

You can find out more about their campaign here.

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