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One Direction swooped into Brussels over the weekend, causing thousands of teenage hearts to flutter and baffled bemusement to everyone else over the age of 14.

For those of us trapped in the bubble, it’s not always easy to see the bigger picture.

And One Direction are big. Huge in fact. Even bigger than the Commission’s plans for a digital single market.

It’s even bigger than the macro-regional strategies that will be an integral part of relevant level policy frameworks!

So, one of the Heard in Europe team decided to try and bridge that gap. Shake a little stardust over EU policy.

And what better way to do that than by asking Brit boyband hunk Harry Styles for his view on the UK’s referendum on EU membership?

Sadly up until now Harry has not answered.

Perhaps he is giving the issue the serious thought it deserves. Or perhaps, there are other more compelling issues competing for his attention.

This is the closest he has given to a response:


Should Styles step up and make a pronouncement on Brexit rest assured we will report back. Until then, #1D4eva.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Rose and Flickr. Published under Creative Commons licence.

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