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The European Green Week conference, held this week at The Egg centre in Brussels, unusually boasted a first aid room.

Well perhaps not that unusually, as Heard in Europe’s irrepressible legion of informants have revealed.

You see The Egg is a very stylish place. So stylish, in fact, that one part, “The Riverside”, actually boasts running water going through the middle of a large corridor.

While this is very much de rigeur for your start-ups and forward-thinking innovators, it has posed a problem in the past.

Attendees would very often trip or fall into the “river” as they left whatever panel they’d been listening to.

Heard in Europe was told this had happened at least once a year for the last two years.

But there have been no such trip-ups at the 2015 conference. Canny organisers boarded over the indoor canal.

Boarded up

But it did lead to the first aiders being somewhat under-employed.

Top photo courtesy of Facebook/The Egg.

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