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It’s no secret that the popularity of the European Commission in England is perhaps only marginally higher than that of Sepp Blatter and FIFA.

That’s why David Cameron promised a referendum on the UK’s EU membership if he got elected.

Blatter is hated in England ever since the country’s doomed World Cup bid got just two votes, even though Prince William and David Beckham turned up to lobby FIFA members. Instead, the 2018 tournament went to Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

By the way, one of those two votes was from an Englishman.

This week, amid FBI corruption investigations, Blatter shocked the world by stepping down just 24 hours after his re-election as FIFA President.

That got Heard in Europe to thinking. The EU institutions often moan they are misrepresented and vilified in the English tabloid press.

What does that tabloid press love? Football.

Which country is very much in the doghouse with the EU? Russia.

Here’s our modest proposal for turning round the image of the Commission, giving Putin one in the eye, and ensuring the British tabloids back the UK staying in the EU.

All Juncker, Tusk, Schulz and co have to do is stop at nothing to get the 2018 World Cup taken off Russia – and given to England.

How or can this be achieved? Well to be honest, that’s not really our problem.

Heard in Europe sees itself as more of a high-level forum, rather than getting into the technical detail.

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