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UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage narrowly dodged running into Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon yesterday (2 June).

Farage was spotted by Heard in Europe’s spies necking a few pints with his UKIP MEP muckers outside the Old Hack pub in Brussels.

Little did Nigel know that Nicola, one of his political foes, had been in the area only a matter of hours before.

Scotland’s First Minister was in the Berlaymont to meet Commission President Jean-Claude Junker after her speech in Brussels.

She was also seen nipping into the International Press Centre afterwards, just a couple of hours and a couple of hundred metres from Nigel’s boozer.

Farage and the Scottish don’t get on in general. During one trip north of the border, Nigel needed police protection from angry Scots after he was hounded out of an Edinburgh pub.

UKIP and the SNP aren’t great pals either. Pro-EU Sturgeon and the infamous MEP David Coburn clashed during the questions and answers session after her speech.

And while UKIP only returned one MP, with not even Farage scooping a seat, Sturgeon’s SNP took 56, all but three of those on offer in Scotland.

Heard in Europe would not presume to speculate if the booze-fuelled group of about 20 ‘kippers would have been tempted to resume hostilities with Nicola had they spotted her.

But something tells us that even if they had, Nicola is more than capable of standing up for herself, especially when it comes to UKIP.

As this video from the UK election campaign debate proves!

Photo courtesy of European Parliament and Flickr. Published under a Creative Commons licence.

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