Heard in Europe

For more than 44 years, it has been impossible for Americans to enjoy haggis.

No, we didn’t know that either. Go figure.

But it turns out that our friends across the pond have banned “The great chieftain of the pudding race.”

Why, when it appears that they are happy to feast on chlorine chicken, would the Americans be adverse to the insides of a sheep boiled in its own stomach?

Fortunately, there could be an end in sight to this decades-long madness.

Scottish Conservative MEP Ian Duncan has written to US Ambassador to the EU, Anthony Gardner, calling for an end to the foodie fatwa.

Duncan has even invited the American official to a ceremonial haggis-chomping, complete with bagpiper and whisky.

Which raises a very important question…where is Heard in Europe’s invitation?

Photo courtesy of Flickr and Drew Leavy, published under creative commons licence.

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