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BREAKING: In the future young people will read news on their smartphones!

Who do we have to thank for this as yet unheard-of revelation? Why none other than Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger!

During a meeting at the European Council on Tuesday, Oettinger gave a room full of European culture ministers this pearl of wisdom.

I would dare to suggest that tomorrow our young people will not be reading newspapers on paper. But they will be using their smartphones or their tablets to read the content of the newspapers,” Oettinger speculated.

Does Europe’s digital leader know something we don’t?

Er, no. This is very much old news.

Last year, 18,000 consumers in in UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Denmark and Finland were surveyed by YouGov.

58% of the sample use a smartphone (up from 46% last year) and 37% say they used the device for news at least once in the past week (up from 31%).

Since then smartphone news consumption has only risen…

Another gaffe from Günther then….


Photograph courtesy of Götz A. Primke/Flickr. Published under a Creative Commons license.

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