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The Commission has been incredibly slow the past couple of months. Many upcoming reports have been delayed, particularly within DG Sante.

For example, the report on alcohol labelling, origin labelling, trans-fatty acids…

This is not only due to the transition of the new Commissioners, officials, staff etc.

An EU official puts the blame on Frans Timmermans:

“This has to do with the new working methods in the Commission. There are a lot of layers and there is a Vice-President… We have to ask for the Vice-President’s permission in order to schedule and to plan an initiative.All that in practice takes time and we have to get used to this new way of working.”

Remember, this is Juncker’s right hand man. This is not only the Vice-President, but the FIRST Vice-President. The man who is supposed to be there when Juncker “is gone, also mentally”. The man hired to cut red tape. Yes, that’s the guy!

Instead of calling him ‘Juncker’s Right Hand’, we should perhaps nickname him ‘Mr Slow Hand.’

Could it possibly be that the FIRST Vice-President in charge of cutting red tape is actually piling on work, delaying reports and creating bureaucracy in the Commission with his slow decision-making?

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