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The benefits of regional defense cooperation are regional, according to a Tory MEP.

This morning, David Campbell Bannerman tweeted his support for the Arab League’s agreement to create a joint military force, adding he would like to see a similar approach among Commonwealth nations.

But, speaking in the European Parliament earlier this month, Campbell Bannerman said the pooling of defense resources at EU level was “extremely dangerous”.

Asked why he supported military cooperation by the Arab League, but opposed a similar approach by the EU, he told EurActiv:

“Whilst international cooperation looks similar from the outside, there is a world of difference between intergovernmental cooperation between free acting nation states – such as with NATO, the UN, and the World Trade Organisation – and supranational or transnational direction – like the EU – as this overrides nation states and democratic decision making and makes dangerously remote and unaccountable decisions, especially if applied to the defence arena.”

Clarification was sought, but not received.


Photograph courtesy of David Campbell Bannerman. All rights reserved.

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