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Janice Atkinson will continue as a member of the European Parliament, despite being kicked out of the UK Independence Party for allegedly fiddling her drinks expenses.

The MEP’s chief of staff was filmed by The Sun – Britain’s best-selling newspaper – asking for a cocktail party bill to be tripled so she could “repatriate” the money from the EU.

Atkinson was standing in this May’s national elections, but she was rapidly booted out after the newspaper sting.

Despite her defenestration, Atkinson has no intention of giving up her €95,000 a year MEP’s salary (not to mention the generous expenses).

Atkinson has confirmed she will remain as an independent MEP for the rest of her term, until 2019. Even though she was more than ready to swap Brussels for her national parliament.

Not content with (allegedly) trying to rip off the taxpayer once, it looks like she’s going to cheat them out of at least another €380,000.

And who can blame her? Trebles all round!


Screenshot courtesy of UKIP. Published under a Creative Commons license.

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