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Regular readers of the Heard in Europe will remember the curious case of UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew.

Agnew was the guy who stood up in Strasbourg a week ago and railed against decarbonising Europe for the somewhat dubious reason that crops need carbon dioxide to grow.

Predictably, that sparked an incredulous reaction on Twitter, which you can read about here. Memorably, even Climate Commissioner Cañete dissed Agnew online.



For some reason, the video of Agnew’s intervention in the European Parliament has now been taken down from UKIP’s YouTube channel.








Fortunately, all plenary sessions are a matter of public record and for that matter, recorded. So, to ensure Agnew’s wisdom is preserved for future generations, Heard in Europe has produced our own video.

Feel free to watch and share as many times as you like!

Link to the video here.


Stuart Agnew photograph courtesy of Euro Realist Newsletter. Published under a Creative Commons license.

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