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Digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger was competing with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for media attention at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress this week.

On Monday (2 March), delegates, hacks and desperado techies queued for up to two hours to watch tech royalty Zuckerberg ‘live’ on stage for a Mobile World Keynote.

The next morning the hall was notably less full for the keynote on ‘The Road to 5G’ featuring Oettinger. Could it be that Günther has less international visibility than Zuckerberg?

Clearly so, since the conference programme itself appeared to be unclear who he was.

A panel page of keynote speakers, featuring the feted Zuckerberg alongside the likes of Huawei’s rotating chairman Ken Hu, also depicted Oettinger under a picture of – who exactly?



















Heard in Europe would be keen to know who this imposter is, though he was allegedly seen dancing at the swanky Shoko party on Tuesday night, a shindig festooned with scantily-clad go-go dancers and wall-to-wall, ahem, talent. Let’s hope no conference goers believe it was the real Commissioner.

To be fair, the Zuckerberg show was about as interesting as watching a poodle being blow-dried on stage. Mr Facebook discussed partnership between his social media internet giant and telecoms giants in Africa.

Questions about burning issues affecting Facebook in Europe – data protection and tax for example – were strictly off limits. In fact there were no questions at all.

At least Oettinger, whoever he is, held a press conference.

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