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With TTIP the talk of the town in Brussels this week, Heard in Europe thought it would be timely to share this glimpse of one of the barriers trade negotiators have to overcome.

One such obstacle facing is the Japanese definition of beer.

The amount of malt in European beer, means it can’t be marketed as “beer” in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Instead, it must be called by a far less appetising name. A name so unappetising in fact, our source was unable – or reluctant – to share it.

But he told us over a quiet drink or two that a number of Japanese journalists had confided to him they “fully and absolutely understood” why the EU was pushing for a change in the law.

Despite our best efforts, Heard in Europe has not been able to find an exact translation.

And our source’s best guess is unfortunately not suitable for our family-friendly publication.

Perhaps better just say that it simply isn’t conducive to effective branding – and leave it at that.


Photo courtesy of Nico De Petter. Published under a Creative Commons license.

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