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Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold. Or in the case of the Chief Scientific Advisor to the European Commission, revenge is a dish best served next week in a no-holds-barred interview on BBC television.

Anne Glover is expected to spill the beans about what the poor handling of science and policy-making under both the Barroso and Juncker Commissions, Heard in Europe has learnt.

Her role was created by then-Commission President José Manuel Barroso in 2012 to provide independent expert advice on any aspect of science, technology and innovation requested by him, usually in relation to major policy proposals being submitted to the EU executive.

Juncker promptly axed the role. Since then, there have been questions in the European Parliament, and conflicting reports over whether the role will return or not.

Anne, we are told, believes the role has been discredited. She thought she was going to leave a legacy in the shape of this new post, and instead it’s been a total mess.

So the week after her contract expires (this week), she plans to “light a fire” under the Commission with an appearance on BBC News’ HardTalk.

While Barroso will be spared her wrath, the Scottish professor is expected to be scathing about Juncker and Timmermans.

There will be burning ears at the Berlaymont…

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