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Nigel Farage - European ParliamentUKIP leader Nigel Farage is trying hard to keep his team together in the European Parliament. Since European elections last year, British MEPs from UKIP and Italy’s Five Star Movement have been part of the same parliamentary group, Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy [EFD].

But after the arrival of controversial Polish MEP Robert Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz last October, a large part of the 17 Italian MEPs wanted to leave the EFD for reasons of “ethical incompatibility” with the new member. Even extreme right French leader Marine Le Pen refused to be associated with Iwaszkiewicz, because of his racist and misogynic positions.

“But Nigel Farage is a clever man, and in order to keep his political group together, he allowed everyone to vote freely,” explained a Green MEP. Five Star Movement MEPs have thought seriously about turning their backs on Nigel Farage, and joining the group of the Greens. They finally decided to stay with EFD. For now.

On the Greens’ side, MEPs were first suspicious about Beppe Grillo’s guys. They’re now ready to welcome the Five Star Movement. That is, whenever the Italians will feel like becoming Greens.

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