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S&D is flirting with Syriza

Leftist Syriza, which is leading in all polls ahead of the upcoming Greek elections on 25 January, is being intensely courted by the European Parliament’s Socialists & Democrats group.

Gianni Pittella, the chairman of S&D, recently told EurActiv that he hopes Greece will form a progressive government “with all the left parties”, including Syriza. As EurActiv Greece first reported, the flirtation had already started with Hannes Swoboda, who blamed its traditional Greek Socialist partner, Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), for having lost its appeal to the electorate and connection with society.

Swoboda also emphasised that Syriza is “not a bunch of irresponsible people”.

In the same light, S&D officials said last week in Strasbourg that “one cannot claim to be Socialist while at the same time favouring austerity”, hinting that PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos has somehow been discarded.

Photograph courtesy of Joanna. Published under a Creative Commons license.

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