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What will Moedas do?

Even European researchers who normally benefit from EU programs are getting lost amid the initiatives brought by successive Commissioners.

In the Prodi Commission, Philippe Busquin, Belgian Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation invented the European Research Area”, an initiative that resulted in new administration, conferences, yearly reports, newsletters etc.

Though Busquin is long gone, and new initiatives have since become fashionable, his brainchild is alive and well.

Busquin’s successor, Slovenian Commissioner Janez Potocnik invented the European Technology Platforms which also outlived him and still keeps officials busy. The next Research Commissioner, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, invented the Innovation Union, with its advisory groups, scoreboards and what have you. More bureaucracy added to too much bureaucracy.

Now researchers are wondering what the new Commissioner Carlos Moedas will try and stamp his imprint on.

Photograph courtesy of the European Commission.

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