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Corruption scandals in Romania are not big news. They come and go, sometimes bringing justice, sometimes not, and sometimes just appearing to do so.

Mihaela Ciocea, a Romanian judge for seventeen years, has been trying to fight the system for years. Even after Romania joined the European Union, according to Ciocea, corruption is rife among top judicial authorities.

During the past five years, she said, she has suffered psychological harassment and discrimination in her working place.

Ciocea has protested, gone on hunger strike in the centre of Bucharest, and appeared in the national media to raise awareness of the corruption cases in Romania. Nothing worked.

The judge has written to both former Commission President Barroso, and the current Commission Vice-President Timmermans, in an attempt to expose the alleged practices.

Helpless, Ciocea came to Brussels to go on hunger strike “for a few days” in front of the European Commission. Her protests coincide with the visit of Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis.


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