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There was a collective sigh of relief among the Brussels press corpse (ho, ho – okay, corps) after the news broke that the 2015 press badges will be magnetic.

Rain-soaked hacks will no longer have to shiver like the great unwashed to be “badged” into the building by G4S, the Commission’s security staff.

Civil servants already have magnetic badges allowing them to glide through the revolving doors like elegant creatures enjoying a gilded existence. Which, in a way, is exactly what they are.

But journalists turning up for the midday briefing have had no such luck.

The doors were introduced following a foiled terror plot against the Commission in September 2014.

Two revolving doors to stem the Jihadist hordes. Still it’s better than nothing.

This would normally be where we would put a picture of the infernal doors. But the last time Heard in Europe tried to snap one, we were told in no uncertain terms by security that it was not allowed.

Our protests fell on deaf ears. Still, no doubt G4S know exactly what they are doing.

I mean it’s not like they’ve ever hit the headlines for messing things up is it? Well, except here. Or this. Or all of these.

Our personal favourite is the encouraging tale of two G4S staff who attached an electronic tag to the false leg of a criminal under curfew, allowing him to go out and leave it at home.

Naturally, Heard in Europe managed to get a snap in the end…


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