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Which excitable extremist has called on European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, and the whole executive, to waive their salaries?

Step forward Italy’s Gianluca Buonanno, a Lega Nord MEP who optimistically demanded the gesture as a “clear token of his [Juncker’s] good intentions”.

Buonanno slapped in a parliamentary question that has more than a whiff of mischief about it.

“Unemployment is rising inexorably; taxes are rising; and the noose placed round our necks by the EU and the government lackeys who work as collectors on behalf of international finance is growing ever tighter,” the MEP said.

Buonanno attacked Juncker for his much-vaunted investment plan, which was touted as bringing about €300 billion investment to the EU. “Later he adjusted the figure to just €21 billion,” the lawmaker spat.

The EU will provide the €21 billion, which is supposed to attract about seven times as much private investment, thus bringing the total to about €300 billion.

So, according to Buonanno, Juncker and his Commission must work for free.

But Heard in Europe is pretty sure that Juncker will feel well within his rights to ignore the rightist’s morality lecture.

Especially as the MEP has a long record of homophobic outbursts.

Among his more printable utterances is this little pearl. “If I was asked to celebrate gay marriage in a town, I would tell the mayor he would do better to undergo forced admission to a psychiatric hospital […] Rather than marriage, I’d offer most gays a banana. Or a fennel salad.”

In Italy, fennel is a derogatory term for a homosexual. It derives from the middle ages. Fennel was thrown onto the flames to mask the smell, as gays were burnt at the stake.

Just in case anyone comes anywhere close to taking Buonanno remotely seriously, here’s a video of him having a rant about African immigrants in the Italian Parliament.

And yes, he really is using make-up to “black-up”.

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