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GUE/NGL one to watch

GUE/NGL, the most left-wing group in the European Parliament, is more famous for ponytails, sandals, and tattoos than for slick marketing.

But that could all be set to change with the advent of the brand new – and bright red – GUE/NGL branded wristwatch. And unlike Soviet socialism, this nifty timepiece actually works!

GUE/NGL is distributing the wristwatch, naturally to be worn on the left, and Heard in Europe got got its greedy paws on one of them.

And we’re very impressed! It even glows in the dark!

Now we don’t want to give the impression that Heard in Europe will write about anything, in return for some glitzy trinket.

But it can’t hurt you to try can it?

NB: It has been so long since we last flew to Bora Bora…


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