Heard in Europe

Anu Ansip has recently moved from Estonia to Brussels to join her husband, Andrus, the new vice-president of the Commission in charge of digital market. But the couple doesn’t enjoy that much being in Tintin’s land.

The rain, ‘moules frites’, waffles and chocolate are not really at fault here. The two newcomers miss their TV shows. Andrus would love to watch his favorite football team, of course. Anu misses the Turkish TV soaps, which are very popular in Estonia.

Will that have an impact on the Commission’s Workprogramme 2015? As it happens the copyright reform will come first on the digital agenda this year. The Commission wants to “free the creativity” which could maybe ease access to different TV channels, but also damage copyright in EU member states. Maybe a couple of Turkish drama on DVDs could help save copyright in the EU?

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