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Jean-Louis Bourlanges, a former MEP and a liberal, has never hidden his taste for honesty. He even quit the European Parliament at the end of 2007, losing faith in the organization, after 18 years between Strasbourg and Brussels. Bourlanges took the opportunity to speak his mind about current politicians, at a dinner organized by the Notre Europe think tank in Paris.

“Nobody ever saw any difference between Martin Schulz and Juncker, and nobody cares! It’s bonnet blanc and blanc bonnet the two of them. And that’s what Pierre Moscovici thinks, because he said before the elections that Schulz should be elected, and now he’s all for Juncker” the politician said.

Bourlanges added that, in his view, Martin Schulz had received more votes than Juncker last May, “if you exclude the Hungarian right votes”. Fidesz, Hungary’s right-wing ruling party, is not very democratic, so the result of this vote is not democratic. “An election with only one round and many candidates always give a questionable result. It’s no guarantee for a democratic election,” he said.

He commented that the process of “Spitzenkandidaten” inaugurated last May “was a dangerous game”. If euroceptics got a bit more organized, and managed to receive enough votes to secure a top position in the EU, “you wouldn’t be so happy about yourself”, Bourlanges said in front of a very Europhile audience.

“Our Union is like a knife without a blade and whose handle is missing,” he concluded, emphasising the lack of clarity in EU foreign relations, including in the Ukrainian crisis.

~ Heard in Europe on the streets of Paris

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